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Subscribing to Premium on YGOPRODeck supports development in a variety of different ways:

  • Funding server costs
  • Funding feature development
  • Funding article writers
  • Funding our public API costs

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Every Premium subscriber will have advertisements removed from the site, will be shown as a supporter across the site and will have their decks shown in our exclusive "Supporter Decks" section of the site and more below!

Feature Free Premium
Price Free €4,99/month (+taxes)
Ad-Free Browsing
Deck Brew Tool*
Choose between Origin Server or Digital Ocean Server for Pack Simulator**
Can save more than 3 cubes for Yu-Gi-Oh! Cube Format.
Showcase your Decks in Supporter Decks
Supporter Icon
Submit Pack Simulator Drafts to Public Drafts
Showcase 2 of your favorite decks on your Public Profile
Can upload a gif for your Profile Photo
Premium Subscriber role on our discord server with access to dedicated channel***

* Deck Brew is a tool that allows you to search for decks on YGOPRODeck based on your current collection. Decks are filtered by match percentage and will show all matched/unmatched cards.

** The Pack Simulator by default connects to our Load Balanaced Digital Ocean server which may be slightly slower than our Origin Server. Premium Users are shown latency figures for both and are allowed to choose which to open from.

*** You must have logged into the site via the discord button at least once to allow us to grant the discord role. Once subscribed, it may take upwards of ~1 hour to apply on discord.

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